Choosing the right painting tools and accessories


Firstly, for cutting in:

Choose an Angle Cutter (we have a choice of two sizes - 50mm and 63mm), which gives precision when cutting in. Straight, sharp edges are easier with the right brush, but you can also use washi tape to get the perfect result.

Then on to full wall painting:

For painting walls, a roller is quickest, easiest and lays paint on more evenly. For most smooth interior walls, the Roller Kit will cover your needs (tray, roller frame and general purpose roller cover), but if you have a rough surface such as render or brick, choose a roller with a 20mm nap.

Smooth or semi-smooth walls, choose 12mm nap. When choosing roller covers, don’t forget the roller frame and the paint tray.


Most people prefer to use a brush for painting trim, so choose between a Sash Cutter 63mm, which allows great control for doors and windows, or an Oval Brush 50mm, which is lightweight and allows easy painting of moulded shapes.

However, if you have a larger area to cover and would like to use a roller, choose 5mm nap, which gives a super smooth finish when using Aqua Satin trim paint.


The Roller Kit is a great choice, or the 12mm nap roller. Just attach an extension pole (ours extend to 2.4m). The All Purpose Wall Brush 75mm is great for cutting in around lights and ceiling roses.


Check out our quality heavy duty canvas drop sheets, plastic protection sheets for furniture and light fittings, washi tape for creating professional looking sharp paint edges, and our iconic black apron with a handy front pocket for rags and brushes.